Timber Look Tiles

Are you looking to achieve that quality natural wood flooring look, without the cost and maintenance of a natural wood floor? Well, you’re not alone!

Many homeowners aim to improve the look and feel of their home with tiles; a great way to do that is to use wood look tiles.

These tiles match the rustic look of wood floors, without the hassles that come with wooden floorboards. Wood look tiles even have beneficial qualities, such as resilience, versatility, range of design options and eco-friendly nature.

Myaree Ceramics supplied these impressive timber look tiles to our clients Hamptons inspired family home.


While wood look tiles might sound self-explanatory, they may be associated with a vision of budget-looking tiles that only slightly resemble real wooden floorboards.

With technology constantly evolving, the manufacture of tiles has vastly improved, resulting in ceramic and porcelain tiles that look and feel like wood.

The tile’s look and finish has been a popular choice in Europe over the past decade, so it’s only fitting that Perth homes get to experience the luxury of wood look tiles as well.


The popularity of wood look tiles is slowly growing; however, many people still have their doubts and suspicions about the tiles.

They do sound too good to be true, but we want to debunk a couple of rumours that surround wood look tiles so you can make an informed choice about the flooring in your home.


There are two parts to this myth – one part involves the grout and the other involves the look of the tile itself.


We’ve heard that tiles don’t look as good as natural wood, due to the grout making them inauthentic looking.

However, the grout used with wood look tiles is usually minimal, as the tiles are carefully designed and finished. The minimal use of grout helps to give the illusion of that tightly packed, almost seamless wood flooring.


In terms of the tile itself looking fake, this certainly isn’t the case; it can be hard to tell the difference between real wooden floorboards and wood look tiles.

The manufacture of the tiles involves using realistic textures, making your tiles somewhat grainy to the touch.

The printing of the tiles also allows the tiles to fit together to create a flowing, uniform look, rather than look like exact replicas of one another or looking like entirely individual tiles.


This myth has some truth to it. When you walk on wood look tiles, they will generally feel “colder” than wooden floorboards, as wood is a better conductor of heat than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

In Perth, this cooler flooring can be a welcome addition to your home, giving you a cool feeling underfoot even when the sun is beating down. Underfloor heating is a popular choice with a lot of our customers, as it warms the floor and is an economical way to keep the whole house warm. In that sense, our wood look tiles are better at absorbing and retaining heat.


In addition to a more cost-effective choice than real wooden floorboards, wood look tiles have a range of benefits, such as sustainability, versatility and a range of design options.

Wood look tiles are a far more eco-friendly and sustainable option than real wood, as the tiles are manufactured with clay, rather than relying on trees being cut down.

A major draw card of these tiles is their resilience; wood look tiles are resistant to scratches and stains, work well in high-traffic areas, are resistant to UV rays and heat and unlike wooden floorboards, they will not shrink or warp with the weather.

Adapted with permission from Myaree CeramicsHERE